Solar Energy Storage

Say goodbye to power outages forever

Caribbean Solar Company can create an off-grid or battery back-up system that produces and stores energy while maximizing comfort and savings. Combining your solar system with a battery or fuel cell will keep your house powered day and night, regardless of what is happening with the utility company.

Solar + Storage

Energy storage in the Virgin Islands is more affordable than ever. Technology advancements have made batteries smaller, inexpensive, and relatively maintenance free. Most homes in the Virgin Islands can go off-grid with battery banks that fit in a small storage shed.

Our most recent installations include:

Sonnen Batteries
luxury villa off grid st john usvi

This villa installed a 19 kW solar ground mount and two 16kW Sonnen batteries. If the grid goes down, guests can enjoy 22+ hours of uninterrupted power, even on cloudy days!

Learn more about Sonnen Batteries here.

sonnen backup battery us virgin islands

Outback Inverter + SimpliPhi Batteries

simpliphi backup battery st john usvi

This rental villa has a 13.76 kW SimpliPhi battery back-up to protect their guests from power outages. A custom built enclosure keeps their batteries shielded from the elements and out of site from villa guests.

Learn more about SimpliPhi Batteries here.

simpliphi battery backup st john villa

SMA Inverter + Deka Batteries
SMA battery-backup-st-john-usvi

This residence has an SMA system paired with their battery back-up. The SMA inverter monitors their energy levels, while their maintenance free cells let them enjoy cost efficient back-up power without any of the fuss.

Learn more about SMA Inverters here.

SMA battery backup Virgin Islands





Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen fuel cells are a great alternative to battery banks for larger scale off-grid energy systems in the Virgin Islands.

Hydrogen can be created from an electrolyser, which splits water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. Generate power from only water and the sun for the ultimate green property.
Learn how fuel cells work here.






off grid house VI

Interested in a different brand?

We are always looking for new technologies and products to offer our customers. We will work with you and the manufacturer to install the right system for you.