Solar Hot Water Heaters

Lower Energy Bills with Solar Hot Water

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Save money and add value to your home with a solar hot water solution

Available for new installations or as a retrofit for your existing hot water heater.

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How It Works

Solar hot water heaters circulate water through solar collectors where it is heated by the sun. The heated water is then stored in a tank or used directly.

A back-up heating element will make sure your property always has enough hot water, day and night.

Solar Hot Water Heater Installations in the Virgin Islands

Caribbean Solar Company will design and install a solar hot water system that meets your property’s needs.

Solar Water Tank

For new installations or hot water tank upgrades
Available in 65, 80, and 120 gallons

  • Max protection against wearing from temperature or volume
  • Foam insulation to keep water hot when the sun is down
  • Corrosion protection
Solar Thermal Collector

Available in 3×7, 4×8, and 4×10

  • 10 year warranty
  • Highest industry standards for quality and durability
  • Recognized for performance and structural integrity
Mixing Valves

Prevent scalding and create the perfect water temperature

DC Pumps & 10W PV Solar Panels

Connects directly to a small solar panel to run the pump without any additional electrical costs.

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